didactiClick producer
Better and faster learning using images.



• Easy distribution
• Don't need to be online
• Small files
• Multiplatform files:
Mac OSX-Windows-Linux
• Open Password
• Edit password.
• Zero cost by produced archives.
• You don't need to be a computer geek.
• Fast production
• Invest your money once and produce associative archives forever.

Key Features

• Set a maximum time to answer
• Set a maximum number of errors
• Add as many relations as you wish.
• Use any language or dialect to describe relations*.
• Multiplatform
• Edit images: Rotate, Flip, zoom or add text.

Use for:

• Reafirmar lo visto en clase
• Develop local knowleadge
• Turism
• Study guides
• Product knowledge
• Add-on for books
• Add-on for manuals

Sequentials archives

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$ 39.99 US Dlls
[Macintosh] [Windows]

It allows to easily relate images and concepts in interactive form, stimulating the interest of the users in the proposed subjects, favoring the efficiency of the education-learning process.

Associative archives can be used as material for examinations, scholastic preparation, admissions and tasks. In addition, the image and quality of the services are published.

You decide the level of complexity, after 5 minutes you can finish your first Associative archive and distribute TOTALLY FREE to anyone!.

Be a world class institution,
produce your own educational material...
in minutes!

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